About us

About Klover Works

KloverWorks is your online gallery for exquisitely sculpted, nature inspired lights and decorations for both your home and office. Our design and creation of night lamps, night lights, table vases and votives, electric candles and gift giving are timeless works of art that are as beautiful as they are functional.

We are a Singapore based gift supplier, servicing a worldwide markets including Asian, North American and European countries. We are dedicated in making your home and office beautiful and delightful. Our designs is creative and original, sculpted by Master Craftsmen, casted in high-quality and durable bonded jade, and hand painted by artisans. Our team is consisted of world-class chemists, designers and sculptors, production engineers, marketing specialists and excellent craftsmen and artisans.

Klover Works is being incorporated to provide distributors and end-users with total brand new perspective towards a hybrid of LED lightings accompanied with customized lamp / model designs. Till date, Klover works have managed to breakthrough several countries with its core strength in LED and Customizable Models.

With our very own production plant and in-house designers, each and every single aspect of your requirements are being covered. This also means that we pride ourselves on providing quality in every manufactured products. From our ever-growing competitive products ranges, to the incredible quality service that has now become the envy of the industry.

What distinguishes Klover Works with our competitor? We believe that the answer to that question is simple and is apparent in our approach towards customer care. At Klover Works, we ensure that customer service standards are in top-notch international standards and each and everyone strives towards exceeding all expectations.

About Klover Works Materials

Klover Works products are made of a very special resin called Smooth Jade. It was developed by an ex-3M Chemist exclusively for our series of products.  A non-toxic, environmental friendly and beautifully translucent resin that gives our products a unique feel and texture.  Smooth Jade is so harmless even if you happen to consume it. Klover Works products are unique in their character, design and concept.

Designed for Beauty, Engineered to Last

“The Right Light for Any Night”


Original Designs

Inspired by nature, Klover Works Accent Lightings are exquisitely sculpted and hand painted works of art; crafted by true Artisans. Each Piece is designed from an image in nature or a painting which is then transformed into a handmade sculpture. The artist’s rendering is then cast into the finest mold, enabling the most elegant and stunningly beautiful work of art providing for the finest in home and office décor.

Engineering Excellence

Klover Works products are Cast Sculptures created from a Superior Composite Material that allows from the even distribution of light. They are easy to operate, rechargeable & Portable. Most are Activated & Dimmed by Motion or Touch. Select models, operated by remote control, allow for the choice of multiple colours. All are constructed with Low Powered LED Lighting for lasting brilliance.

Made to Order

Klover Works Accent Lighting are excellent as Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items. They are decorative, useful and leave a lasting impression while providing ongoing enjoyment. Our artistic creations will provide a professional reminder of your business and your appreciation. Engage our design team to transform you vision into reality. See your logo shine as a part of our illuminated sculptures.


Improve Your Décor, and Stay Illuminated!